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About Us

Join us at Mayur Resort and immerse yourself in nature. The picturesque Mayur Resort offers a one-of-a-kind experience in an idyllic setting at the top hills of Panchgani, just 1 km from Panchagani Mahableshwar highway .
A farmhouse holiday home is an interesting diversion from the usual holiday resorts. Living in a farmhouse holiday home can take you back in time, to an ancient wholesome dimension, which is lost to most people living in big cities all around the world. Confidence, truthfulness, informality: that’s the feeling ruling in a traditional farmhouse, accompanied by earthy meals and surrounded by friendly staff.

Here at Mayur Resort, you can discover the beautiful and religious rural life of India. Agri Tourism involves visiting a rural farm. You can enjoy Horse ride , Bull-cart, tractor ride, Children park, to name just a few. Here we provide opportunity for urban people to get back to the roots.


About Us

The spacious rooms at Mayur Resort, comes with courtyard in the bathroom & a private backyard, where vegetables served to you are grown. After a relaxing day in the rustic ambience, you will go to sleep after experiencing the beautiful sunset, unpolluted view of heavenly starry skies, magical dance of the fireflies & will wake up to the morning glory of fallen dew, chirping birds, ambient noise of forest, rustling and crackling of leaves as you take a morning walk. Added to all this is a nearby water stream to complete the experience. All of this and you are assured of a balanced mix of relaxation, good food, nature, adventure activities along with a chance to get your young ones to experience the nuances of a village life.

Our central location also offers you opportunities to visit many of places of scenic beauty, monuments, forts & points such as Mahabaleshwar, Beautifull sunset, Green House, Stawberry Garden, Rose Garden just to name a few.